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About HeartShaper

Check out this KidzMatter review of HeartShaper® Sunday school curriculum and learn more about why HeartShaper has everything you need!

HeartShaper Is Life Changing! It . . .

  • Stays true to the Bible
  • Builds on age-appropriate spiritual development principles for toddlers through preteens
  • Integrates Bible skills into each lesson, building on each other from one age level to the next
  • Helps kids learn to explore God’s Word and the direction it gives them
  • Teaches more than just values—kids dig into questions, such as “What does this teach me about God?” and “Why is this story important to me?”
  • Provides more than just fun and entertainment—kids open their Bibles, participate in interactive Bible learning, and grow spiritually
  • Features 2+ hours of correlated curriculum for all 3 early childhood levels
  • Makes teaching easy and learning fun—with 1 focus per lesson and our unique Quick Step™ activities
  • Doesn’t stop with head knowledge—kids discover how Scripture applies to their lives
  • Gives more FREE online resources to teachers—includes teacher training, The Beat option for preteens, craft ideas, and special needs resources; along with free Family Connection newsletters
  • Includes special needs friendly activities that work well with all kids, including those with special needs—each activity approved by special needs experts

See Life Transformation

“I will keep God’s Word in my heart.” Psalm 119:11
HeartShaper is designed to helps kids grow in their walk with God.

Kids grow to:

Help Kids Use Their Bibles

Bible skills are integrated into every lesson, and each HeartShaper age level builds on the skills taught in the one before it. View the whole plan ▸

Download the Scope and Sequence and see how:

  • Toddlers & 2s—begin to understand that the Bible is God’s special book
  • Preschool—point to and repeat simple Bible words
  • Pre-K & K—begin to sequence events in main Bible stories
  • Early Elementary—know how to find Bible verses
  • Middle Elementary—grasp why it’s important to read and study the Bible
  • PreTeen—see the Bible as God’s Word and accept its absolute truth
Shaping the Hearts of Kids with Special Needs

Reach Kids with Special Needs

Reach kids with special needs and make a difference—in a child’s future, in a family’s church experience, and in your church and community. HeartShaper gives the resources you need to train teachers and adapt lesson activities so you can better involve the kids in your Sunday school who have special needs.

Our special-needs-friendly tips and activity adaptations are easy for teachers to identify and use!

Learn More ▸

Each Quarter You’ll Get

  • Carefully chosen, age-appropriate Bible stories and topics for all 6 age levels
  • Integrated Bible skill activities to help kids develop the ability to find God’s answers
  • Bible memory activities so kids learn one Scripture verse or passage in each unit
  • Check out the Age Level pages to explore more!

Free Online Resources