Ages 2–4

Children Connect with the Bible Using All 5 Senses!

As preschoolers are introduced to Bible stories and repeat simple Bible words, they’ll know that God made them, loves them, and cares for them.

HeartShaper Preschool Features:

  • Quick Steps for easy teacher prep
  • CD with reproducible music and printable files
  • Large colorful visuals, Make-n-Share activity pages, Bible story teaching pictures, and the Heart Tugs take-home family resource
  • 2+ hours of materials, including interactive Bible Discovery time
  • Weekly encounters with Scamper, the Preschoolers’ squirrel puppet friend
  • Activity suggestions for 2-year-olds
  • Special-needs-friendly activities identified in each lesson
  • Activities designed for any class size
  • Online bonus materials for teachers and families

Preschool Product Guide

PS teacher kit

Preschool Teacher’s Convenience Kit

Simplify lesson planning with 1 easy kit! The kit includes 1 Preschool Teacher Guide, 1 Preschool Resources, 1 Preschool Make-n-Share activity book, Preschool | Pre-K & K Teaching Pictures, and 1 set of Heart Tugs family resource. Order 1 kit per class. Available in print or as a PDF download for a single user or multiple users. Options are available when making your selection in the store.

PS Teacher

Preschool Teacher Guide

The user-friendly lesson guide features 13 age-appropriate lessons, each packed with more than 2 hours of active learning. Teaching tips and varied motor, sensory, and language experiences allow children to discover and explore. Activity options for toddlers are included in each unit. Activities are designed for any class size, and special-needs-friendly activities are identified in each lesson! Order 1 per teacher. Available in print or as a PDF download with options for single or multiple users.


Preschool Resources

Includes 8 sheets of interactive visuals and a reproducible CD. The CD has unit songs, Bible Memory songs, and printable files that include coloring pages, unit Bible Memory posters and motions (in KJV and ICB®), song lyrics, Bible story music activities, activity pages, and much more. Order 1 per class.

PS Teaching Pics

Preschool | Pre-K & K Teaching Pictures

Introduce or follow up a Bible story using these large, colorful illustrations of the Bible stories. The Bible story from the lesson is printed in English and Spanish on the back of each full-size picture. Plus 2 sets of 13 bonus teaching picture cards are included with additional suggestions for activities and games. Order 1 per class.


Preschool Make-n-Share

The full-color activity pages make Bible learning both fun and purposeful as they engage kids with the lesson. Children will enjoy these make-and-share activities—including peel-n-press stickers and WATERPAINT activities—that support each lesson. Order 1 per student.


Heart Tugs

Help children take the lesson home to share with their families. Each issue of Heart Tugs features fun and helpful family activities that reinforce the lesson. Includes age-focused activities for 3s through kindergarten. Great for sharing with friends and sending to kids who are absent too! Order 1 set for every 5 students.

Additional Classroom Resources

Puppet Patterns

Use these patterns to create puppets you can use with your HeartShaper lessons.

Scamper Bag Puppet

Download Free

Scamper Stick Puppet

Download Free

Activities for Preschoolers to Kindergartners

Looking for more activities for your class? These activity books are loaded with reproducible pages to make sure you never run out of resources. The table of contents helps you easily tie each activity to a lesson. Each activity is also correlated with HeartShaper® Children’s Curriculum.

Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Pages
Early Childhood

Bible story and application coloring pages help children connect to God’s Word!
Retail $19.99

Big Book of Bible Story Coloring Activities
Early Childhood

Children color and make fun projects to retell Bible stories!
Retail $19.99

Big Book of Bible Activities, Songs, and Rhymes
Early Childhood

Reproducible Bible activities, songs, and rhymes help children interact with Bible truths!
Retail $19.99

Bible Crafts & More
Ages 3-6

Use these 100+ craft projects to help preschoolers review Bible stories and apply lessons to their lives.
Retail $16.99

Puppet Scripts for Preschool Worship (Download)
Ages 3-6

More than 100 reproducible puppet scripts indexed for easy use, questions for guided discussion, suggestions for incorporating objects to engage children, and more!
Retail $9.99

Looking for puppets?

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What They’re Saying

I love using HeartShaper Preschool because it not only teaches biblically based Bible stories, but it also teaches the children a main life lesson. It teaches them the lesson behind the story. The activities and language level are age-appropriate. Kids this age need hands-on, engaging, active, fun activities to hold their attention—and HeartShaper provides just that!

Jennie Carpenter, Reformed Church in America, IN—Using HeartShaper for over 6 years

I think they do a great job helping the Preschool teacher prepare for class. I think the material is very child friendly and helps the teacher have the ability to have an awesome class.

Children’s Minister, Christian Church/Church of Christ, IA—Using HeartShaper for over 10 years

The kids enjoy the lessons and the parents love getting materials sent home.

Stephanie Leuschner, United Methodist church, TX—Using HeartShaper for over 1 year