Toddlers & 2s

Ages 1-2

Explore, Discover, Move!

Toddlers and 2s naturally sing, play, and talk. Your teaching will encourage them in the way God made them—to laugh and wonder!

HeartShaper Toddler Features:

  • Quick Steps for easy teacher prep
  • CD with reproducible music and printable files, including Family Together Time take-home family resource
  • Colorful visuals, including 3 card-stock booklets
  • Weekly encounters with Teddy the Bear, the Toddlers & 2s puppet friend
  • 2+ hours of materials including interactive Bible Time that uses songs and multi-sensory visuals
  • Options for babies and bonus units for older children
  • Special-needs-friendly activities identified in each lesson
  • Activities designed for any class size
  • Online bonus materials for teachers and families

Toddler Product Guide


Toddlers & 2s Teacher’s Convenience Kit

Simplify lesson planning with 1 easy kit! The kit includes the Toddlers & 2s Teacher Guide, colorful visuals, board books that correlate with the units, and a CD that includes reproducible music and the Family Together Time take-home. Order 1 kit per class. Available in print or as a PDF download for a single user or multiple users. Options are available when making your selection in the store.

Toddlers & 2s Teacher Guide

The user-friendly lesson guide features 13 age-appropriate lessons, each packed with more than 2 hours of active learning. Teaching tips and varied motor, sensory, and language experiences allow children to discover and explore. Activity options for babies are included in each unit. Activities are designed for any class size, and special-needs-friendly activities are identified in each lesson! Order 1 per teacher. Available in print, as a Microsoft® Word download, or as a PDF download. Options are available for a single user or multiple users when making your selection in the store.

Additional Classroom Resources

Puppet Patterns

Use these patterns to create puppets you can use with your HeartShaper lessons.

Teddy Bag Puppet

Download Free

Teddy Stick Puppet

Download Free

Activities for Toddlers

This activity book is loaded with reproducible pages! The table of contents helps you easily tie each activity to a lesson. Each activity is also correlated with HeartShaper® Children’s Curriculum.

Big Book of  Coloring Pages

Coloring pages help toddlers learn that God loves them!
Retail $19.99

What They’re Saying

I love the repetition of Bible Time in each Toddlers & 2s unit. The little ones catch on to the songs easily and really enjoy them. The crafts and activities are simple and keep the toddlers’ attention as you take the opportunity to teach them.

Celine Bird, Children’s Minister, Nondenominational Christian church, FL—New User